Terms & Conditions

Registration and login

Registration and login is not mandatory when you go to our website to place an order. If you think you can order without registration and login. It is completely optional. After registering and logging in, you will see all the information related to that order later. If you place an order without registration or login, you will not get any information about that order later. Registered customers will be able to know all the information related to the company’s offer through mail or message, which is not possible for unregistered customers.

How do you order us?

1. Visit our website from your laptop, desktop or smart phone.
2. The address is on our website www.authenticfishmarket.com
3. Select and add the items you like and check out and go to the billing page.
4. Go to the billing page and give the billing address first. After that you will get the opportunity to register again, if you are willing to register and place an order, you can do so. If you are not willing to register, you can go directly to the shipping address. If your billing address and shipping address are the same, you do not need to enter the address a second time. The billing address can be copied to the shipping address.
5. After that you will get the opportunity to make payment as per your convenience. Your order will be sent to us as soon as you select the payment option of your choice and click the place order button.

What is the method of payment?

1. Cash on delivery(Cash on delivery facility will not be available if the order value is more than one thousand rupees)
2. Card on delivery(If the order value is more than one thousand rupees, card on delivery facility will not be available)
3. Online bank transfer(NEFT/RTGS/IMPS)
If you select the online bank transfer option, you will see all the information related to our bank account.
4. Google Pay(Click on this option to see our UPI ID and UPI Phone Number and pay us directly)

Payment facility through CCAvenue and PayPal will be introduced later.

Our service area, date and time

You can find out if our service is available at your shipping address by visiting our website. Once you have chosen the item, you can know it by typing the pincode of the shipping address once. You can place orders when services are available in your area. Just typing the pincode of the shipping address will indicate whether the service is available or not.
If the service is available in your area, you can choose the day and time of order delivery.

Shipping address , delivery date and time modification

It is possible to change the shipping address, delivery date and time, but you have to inform us by whatsapp or mail 24 hours before the delivery of the order.

Return and refund policy

If the quality of any item in an order is not good on the day of order delivery, the price of that item will be refunded to the order recipient in cash.

If the weight of an item changes, the price of the changed weight will be refunded in cash or accepted in cash.

All customers are requested to check all items and complete orders at the time of order delivery.
If any item is bad or rotten, it will be returned at the time of delivery. If any wrong item is gone it will also be taken back.
No claims will be accepted after the order is delivered.

Dispose of all information, complaints or cash back information about the order at the time of order delivery.

Delay or suspension of order delivery

Order delivery may be delayed or postponed due to natural or social or government restrictions.

The recipient of the order will be notified if any such inconvenience is to be encountered.

Any decision regarding the order will be taken with the permission of the sender of the order.

If it is not possible to contact a customer, the customer’s order will be suspended.

After contacting the customer, the order processing and delivery will be started.

Item quality information

We deliver all kinds of fresh and quality fish and meat to the customer’s home.

A little more time to deliver our orders. Because we do not serve any stored items.

We will deliver the best, fresh and quality fish and meat to your door.

We do not compromise on quality. If we do not like the quality of an item, that item will be dropped from your order or delivered later.

Order modification

Now there is no facility to change items after placing an order on our website. This feature will be available later.
Our request to all customers is to please check the selected items once before placing the order.

Shipping Coverage

We cover whole of Kolkata Metro and few pin codes of Howrah, South and North 24 Parganas. Pin code availability can be checked at the website after selecting a product.

Are Children Allowed to Use authenticfishmarket.com?

Use of authenticfishmarket.com is available only to persons who can form a legally binding contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. If you are a minor i.e. under the age of 18 years, you may use authenticfishmarket.com only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.